We want to keep your job on schedule, and not spend a penny more of your money than necessary.


First, a list of things we need to know

Acorn Studio will need to know a little bit about:

  • Your business’ or organization’s history
  • Your organization’s personality
  • What differentiates you from your competitors?
  • Audience/target market for printed material
  • Most immediate needs
  • Budget
  • Schedule/deadlines
  • How the finished piece will be distributed
  • Other marketing tools being used


The following steps help to keep a job on track, and to keep costs down.

  • Approach the project with a positive frame of mind. It can be fun!
  • Decide which one or two people will represent your organization and work with Mary from start to finish. This person will provide materials and information, sign off on proofs, quotes, etc. An axiom: The more people involved in a process, the more time (and money) that process will take.
  • Nail down early on what you want your copy to say. Making major changes to copy after it’s been typeset and laid out is time consuming (and time is money!). We will outline steps to follow to handle changes that you want to make. But as a rule of thumb, and unless wholesale change is required, it’s better to NOT provide new electronic word files (which have to be formatted fresh, taking time and effort for which you’ll be billed).
  • Return calls and corrected proofs in a timely way.
  • Think: Keep it going, stay on course!
  • Do not try to satisfy every person who ever looks at your project at any time in any place for whatever reason. Remember who your audience is and that you need to have THEM notice it and read it.
  • Give yourself time to proofread carefully.
  • A second axiom: The later in the process changes are made, the more costly they become.



Before getting going, a helpful checklist
What parts of the process do you need Acorn to help you with?

  • Marketing Plan
  • Mailing Lists
  • Design
  • Layout
  • Editing
  • Research
  • Typesetting
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Creation of maps or graphs
  • Print Management and/or Printing Quotes
  • Printing
  • Delivery
  • Mailing
  • Archiving of files